Spring is around the corner

Wearing: Topshop jacket, jeans, boots / Acne Studios top / Saint Laurent scarf / DKNY watch


There's something about spring that makes us want to go for lighter wardrobe essentials and soft tones. Fortunately building our perfect spring style we have a lot of possibilities. From bolder colored fabrics to classic basics in neutral tones. Personally I love good basic clothes, which can make me feel that there is always something stylish to wear, despite the changing fashion trends. The best thing about basics is the fact that they are timeless and functional without giving us the overdressed effect. Especially in the spring season, when we all dream about refreshing our wardrobe with new, trendy pieces, we can't forget to choose must-have items. The most popular wardobe essential for spring is a white or black cotton shirt, which is perfect to add versatility to our closet. We can pair it with the other basic pieces as a light jacket or soft cardigan. Another option to invest-in during spring season is a pair of white skinny jeans. I bought mine a couple of days ago and now I can wear them all the time! They are so flattering and they go with almost everything. To add more chic and personalized touch to our spring style we should remember about the good quality accessories (sunglasses, light scarves, hats) that will be necessary during the next warmer months.