Investment Pieces You Need In Your Daily Wardrobe







When it comes to our wardrobe we need to think not only about the latest hot trends but also consider investing our money in a few essential pieces. Today I would like to recommend you some timeless fashion things which are a good complement to every outfit. Firstly our closet can be more integrate with our daily routine if we buy some clothes in neutral tones. Neutrals are perfect because they have magical power of helping us to look always on point. No matter what. Also to create a good fashionable outfit we need a good pair of classic sneakers (white are the best because they fit to almost everything). Heels are nice but sometimes not practical. Especially when we are in a busy city and the only thing which is important for us is comfort. Another very important fashion item is fine quality leather bag. The size and color are of course optional but the most stylish are small/medium pieces and not too heavy. When we think about a well organized wardrobe we can't forget about the most useful and eye catching accessory - biker jacket. A solid leather jacket is worth every penny. Trust me. If you once buy a perfect jacket you will never regret. Mine is from Maje and it's my best friend. I love its deep black color and rock & roll character. Latest wardrobe essentials are espadrilles. They are irreplaceable during summer and vacation. My favourite designed Alessandro Michele for Gucci. Aren't they cute?