Where to eat the best avocado toast? - Jack's Wife Freda


I was looking for the best place with my favourite avocado toast for ages! Happily I found the perfect one in NYC and it's called Jack's Wife Freda. Now I can eat there all the time. I really love the energy of this place as well as the fresh, homemade food. Jack's Wide Freda is a small bistro but has two locations. During the day there is a lot of people, but you can easy find a place to eat. As you know, my favourite meal lately is avo toast. I'm quite obsessed about it. So, when I first time dropped in Jack's Wife Freda, I ordered of course smashed avocado sandwich. They serve it with crispy french fries or salad and it tastes really well! Jack's Wife Freda is a perfect spot to catch up with friends for yummy breakfasts, brunches/lunches and coctails and sure knows how to make a good culinary impression!