Chateau Marmont


The famous American movie producer, Harry Cohn said, "If you must get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont." And he was completly right at this point. Chateau Marmont is a glamurous hotel which is located in the heart of West Hollywood. But definitely this is not a typical hotel, it's more like a place where you can deep relax and feel mentally far away from all distractions. From the outside it resembles a magnificent castle on the hill. Also it's worth to note that the whole architecture of this building is at a high level. When I first crossed the front door I immediately fell in love with the cozy and very intimate atmosphere of this place. If you choose Chateau Marmont you will be able to share your time between the fantastic pool, a fine cuisine restaurant, a stylish coctail bar and an idyllic garden. Furthermore all the rooms have a unique design and they're fully furnished (with fitted kitchens) so no one can be disappointed. The staff is very helpful and discreet. So don't worry if you have to ask for something or get additional Kiehl's baths products. Literally everything is on point because the hotel does its best to care about you. 

It all makes that Chateau Marmont is one of those places you want to go back and enjoy life in the best sense of the term.