Roman Holiday



Rome is one of the most interesting and unique places in the world. I think that this city, together with its magnificent architecture, is an important heritage of all humanity. Everyone who loves Italy, knows exactly that there is no other city like Rome.

Spending my holiday in Italy I felt like a main character of the movie 'Roman Holiday' played by Audrey Hepburn. There is no joke, Rome is fantastic! Every corner, every street is so inspiring. It's definitely one of the best places to take a lot of pics and have so much fun. From delicious food, unforgettable views to rich art and amazing architecture.

I definitely fall in love with Italian gelato (the best in the world) & vespas. Yeah, one day I had the opportunity to see Rome from Vespa. It was so cool!

Being in Rome we need to know some basic Italian words to make a good first impression. Not too much but it's really nice to say Buongiorno or Ciao. Also it's worth to remember that temparatures in Italy are very high especially during summer months (from June till late August).

If you have plans to visit Italy one day I hope that you choose The Eternal City and you will not regret. I promise!