Bling Bling

Wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch dress / Tommy x Gigi cadet hat / Emma & Chloé necklace / TIJN Eyewear sunglasses / Timberland boots

Today will be a lot about strong accessory trend because it's obvious that a good outfit needs also perfect additions to be on point. Everyday we don't have enough time to think about what to wear today and focus on a fancy accessories. But it's clearly impossible to create eye-catching look without adding some beautiful jewellery and stylish sunglasses to be more mysterious and hide terrible effects of the previous crazy night. From ages people used jewels to look elegant and nobly. So why we often forget about it? Especially during shopping. Clothes are important because they help us express yourself. But the truth is hard. Only accessories determine our personal style. Daily outfit can be simple but additions not. So don't be afraid to wear them for every occasion from morning till evening. Today I opted for a simple necklace from French brand Emma & Chloé. They provide beautiful jewellery which comes to you every month in a cute box. Thinking about you I have prepared a little surprise. Use code THESALTCARAMEL to get 10€ off on your first box. Is it sounds great? As you know from my previous blog posts I really love hats. This is my fashion fetish. Of course I wear them spontaneus not everyday. But they're my signature. Recently I have strong obsession about cadet hats which are versatile enough to wear them with almost everything (even with a girly dress). Writing about fancy outfit additions I couldn't forget about fishnet tights which are so popular right now. They look very interesting with elegant leather boots but also together with my Timberlands. Now it's your turn to choose perfect accessories!