Weekday classic

Wearing: Zara cardigan / Topshop leather pants, hat / Gap top / Michael Kors bag / DKNY watch / Moschino sunglasses / Adidas Originals sneakers


Every day we have to go through the same wardrobe dilemma: „What should I wear?” To be honest, it's not easy to achieve perfection in this fashion area, especially if we are busy women and have little time. However when we'll use a few simple tricks we can solve our daily outfit problems and be more satisfied with the contents of our closets. First of all it's very important to invest in classic pieces like black trousers, white shirts, simple sweaters & cardigans, traditional jeans, striped tops and timeless accessories. This is not a secret that well-prepared wardrobe may help us better compose everyday uniforms. To save yourself from the stress of planning the fashionable outfit we should know about formula. In the morning when we create our look it's important to think about shoes first. If during the day we have a business meeting we need to seem professional. The best on this occasion is a pair of classic heels. On the other hand, if you want to feel more casually go for comfy, stylish sneakers. The last thing we should do before leaving home is spend a few seconds in front of the mirror, just to make sure everything is perfect. This uncomplicated daily routine is the easiest way to wake up in the morning without fashion worries.